There are over 7 million girls
out-of-school in Nigeria -one of the highest records in the world. 
We believe Nigeria can do better.  We believe in "our girls," "our women" and "our community.



Our Story

British-born Nigerian, Lily Ngozika Nwamaraihe, began her journey to discover her ethnic roots in 2012.  Upon her journey, she discovered a beautiful country filled with a rich culture coupled with a devastatingly failing education system where children were not receiving their basic right to a free and effective education. 




To educate and empower girls and local communities in rural areas of Nigeria, in order to create a better tomorrow.


We respect ourselves, our colleagues, our partners in the work that they do.

We conduct ourselves in the highest form of honesty and persistently have the best interests of the children we work for in the forefront of our minds.

We set high goals for ourselves and continue to strive to achieve more.

We take personal ownership of what goes well and what goes wrong and do everything in our power to achieve more for our colleagues, our partners and our children.

We are continuously learning from each other, open to change and eagerly embrace new ideas.



Project Girl Foundation will target areas in rural Nigeria where there are the highest number of out-of-school children and the gender gap of illiterate females compared to their male peers is high.
We will source a central location in poverty-stricken areas where there is a need for schools or there may already be schools, but the infrastructure is in disarray and classes are overcrowded coupled with a high number of out-of-school girls. 

Project Girl Foundation will source land to build schools on by trustworthy contractors or acquire deserted buildings, which could be renovated into an appropriate building for schools.  


The schools will be set up with appropriate resources to help support the implementation of an effective education, such as a well-resourced library, computers, suitable desks and chairs in the classroom, clean water and appropriate female sanitation facilities.



We want ‘our women’ to support ‘our girls’, which will not only empower them but also their families.  Girls and women alike should read together, learn together and work together.  This is why we are implementing functional literacy programmes for members of the local community, paying particular emphasis on women and their children.  After-all, an old African proverb says, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Project Girl Foundation will establish a team of operational staff who will build connections with local communities in the areas we want to work in.  

Fully-qualified and effectively trained teachers will work in the community to build their trust and conduct an initial assessment of the type of functional literacy programmes they need and split those in need into groups either by age, profession and type of literacy programmes needed. 

Teachers will implement these programmes in the local community, either in their homes, mobile classrooms, public spaces or community centres.


Our Trustees

Lawrence Onunkwo
Lawrence has a LLB in Law and an LLM in Oil and Gas Law, but has a good understanding of all areas of Law.
He has strong ties with Nigeria and as his own culture is that of Igbo culture, he is able to communicate effectively with communities in Igboland about the benefit of the charity's intervention. 


Neil Yeomans 
Neil Yeomans is a fully-qualified chartered accountant with over thirty years’ experience in the finance industry.  For the past twenty years, he has worked at partner level and his strengths lies in operational delivery, focusing on gross margin improvements, process efficiency, risk management and mitigation and effective project management.  





Elizabeth Uhuka 
Elizabeth Uhuka has eight years’ experience in counselling, mentoring and working with children aimed at the holistic development of youths. Elizabeth has a B.A in History and Politics.



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If you want to know more about our programmes, volunteer with us, donate to our cause or simply just want to talk, please get in touch using this contact box and we'll get in touch within 24 hours.


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