In Nigeria, there are more than 7 million girls out-of-school due to poverty, fear of sexual abuse and cultural beliefs. 

School infrastructure are crumbling, classes are overcrowded, teachers are inadequately trained and lack the skills and resources to educate girls effectively.

Education is at the heart of everything we do as just one extra year of schooling increases lifetime earnings up to 10%. Imagine the progress if every girl completes their education!

How we help

Project Girl Foundation are working hard to build schools with the proper infrastructure, appropriate toilet facilities and sanitation in rural areas in Nigeria where girls can easily access and are free from the threat of sexual abuse.

We are working with local communities to promote the importance of girls’ education and implementing literacy and work programmes, which will enable communities to become educated and self-reliant.

We are partnering with schools and teacher training colleges in the UK and Nigeria to provide continuous professional development to all teaching staff.

Project Girl Foundation has an ambitious vision,
but we need your help. 


All donations made to Project Girl Foundation will be used to implement and develop all our programmes.