British-born Nigerian, Lily Ngozika Nwamaraihe, began her journey to discover her ethnic roots in 2012.  Upon her journey, she discovered a beautiful country filled with a rich culture coupled with a devastatingly failing education system where children were not receiving their basic right to a free and effective education. 

Lily was particularly moved by the plight of girls both in the home and at school, such as the lack of importance, girls’ education has compared to their male siblings/peers; the fear of being physically and sexually abused at school and the lack of provisions for girls at school once they started menstruating.


With her ambition to make a difference in the world, Project Girl Foundation was born, with an aim to transform girls’ education and empower them by providing them with sufficient skills and resources to enrich their lives and the lives of their families.



To empower girls from poor and deprived areas in rural Nigeria via education by building schools, providing effective family planning, teaching and implementing self-reliance and continuous professional development for all teaching staff.



RESPECT: We respect ourselves, our colleagues, our partners in the work that they do.

INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves in the highest form of honesty and persistently have the best interests of the children we work for in the forefront of our minds.

AMBITION: We set high goals for ourselves and continue to strive to achieve more.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We take personal ownership of what goes well and what goes wrong and do everything in our power to achieve more for our colleagues, our partners and our children.

CREATIVITY: We are continuously learning from each other, open to change and eagerly embrace new ideas.